Spotted Photo & Video Geo Location App

Spotted:  A Real Time Feed Of Photo’s and Video’s From Everywhere In The World


Have you ever wanted to see what people within a few miles of you are taking photos or video’s of? What about what people in another state are seeing or doing? Or even further away, what about in another country? Imagine what type of pictures people were taking during the most recent riots. Imagine what type of summers and winters they have in other countries you’ve never even heard of. What do people in other parts of the world see on a daily basis. This is Spotted!

Spotted is a real-time, anonymous, geo-location based photo and video app. If you want to see what people are taking pics or vids of within a few miles of your current location, you can do that! Think you’re missing out on a concert, festival, bar scene, or something random? Checkout the radius feature of Spotted. Once you set the radius, you’ll be able to see all of the most recent pics and vids uploaded. Is there a major event going on in another state you know of? Just choose that state and see if anyone is taking pictures or videos of it!

Want to see what’s happening across the globe? Just choose your location and instantly checkout the most recent additions to that location!

Are you thinking of taking a vacation somewhere soon? Checkout that location in Spotted and see what others are doing!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to login, signup, or join anything to use Spotted and if you want to share a picture or video you see on Spotted, simply connect to FB via our login button and share-away!

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